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Lets make sure we are all on the same page :)

1. Language

We are positive, encouraging, and honest. We try our best to lift ourselves and others up. This community is more important than the exercises we perform. Negativity and gossip will not be tolerated at CrossFit Ashlar.


2. Leave the gym better than you found it.

An organized gym is a safe gym. Wipe down the equipment that you have used. Put back all the weights and equipment that you have used in the session. When all your stuff is put away, help someone else out.

3. Coaching

This is what you are here for and what you pay for. The coaches have your best intentions in mind, listen to them. If you fail to follow the coach's direction then you are putting yourself and other clients in danger. Adding weight is easy, reversing an injury is hard. Also, members don’t coach other members.


4. Care for the Movement

We don’t care how much you lifted. We don’t care what your time was. We care that you move as well as possible. We care that you challenge your own comfort level to an appropriate degree.


5. Pain is NOT weakness leaving the body.

We care about your experience with us. You are encouraged to push your comfort zone. Breathing hard, fast-beating heart, and the feeling of muscle “burn” leads to progress. Doing any movement that causes sharp pain, tingling, or similar discomfort is not only discouraged, but it’s also prohibited. Tell the coach about it and they’ll give you another movement for the workout.


6. Respect the timeline.

All sessions start in a timely manner and you must book into the class you are planning to attend. If you are late (less then 10 min), the coach will give you a special warm-up assignment. This is not a penalty. It’s a safety precaution to make sure you are ready to train. All sessions run on a timeline. Please don’t distract from coaches' briefings and instructions. Important information will be missed and the training quality decreased.

7. Late Cancels

Our classes are popular and once a class is fully booked members will be asked to join a waitlist. If life gets in your way and you can not attend the booked class please cancel out 1 hour or more prior to class (8 hrs for our early am classes). This will allow enough time for our waitlist to attend the class. Feel free to text us if you have to cancel within the 1-hour window so we can make sure you are ok or if you are a no show. If a member is constantly late cancelling we will start charging a late cancelation fee.

7. Kids/Families

We are a family friendly gym and provide a kids TV room for your experience with us. That room is NOT a daycare and coaches are NOT responsible for your kids. Please clean up the room when done.

8. Membership Cancelation

We require a 30 days notice to a cancelled membership. We also require a 4 month commitment (not prepaid) to all NEW members with us. Written, text or email notice is required.

9. MLM

CrossFit Ashlar prides itself on being a Multi-Level Marketing free zone. You will not find yourself being recruited to join a pyramid, host a party, or buy products by any of our staff or coaches. We also ask that our members respect the community they are a part of and not view it as a network to be "mined". 

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