What is the CrossFit Open?

To us, it is a chance to celebrate our community by cheering each other on and testing our fitness over 3 weeks! The OPEN officially starts on February 24th and we will program the announced workout every FRIDAY (within our regular classes) on the following dates:

Friday, Feb 25th (in classes)

Friday, March 4th (in classes)

Friday, March 11th (in classes)

  • Quarterfinals (Individuals, Teams and Age Groups): March 24 – April 24.

  • Semifinals (Individuals and Teams) — In-person. Week 1: May 20 – 22

  • Semifinals (Age Groups) — (Online)

  • Last Chance Qualifier: June 29 – July 1.

  • CrossFit Games: August 4 – 7

In each class we will pair up everyone to judge each other and all score sheets can be handed in before leaving. If someone can not make the Friday WOD please let Tarra or Glendon know so alternate arrangements can be made if needed. We will also allow any OPEN re-dos on Monday OPEN GYM times!

The OPEN is a online WORLD competition with numerous options for each workout, making it easy to find a place where you can be challenged based on your current CrossFit level with us! Here are some of the online divisions you can choose from: 

  • Rx’d - Do the workouts as written. This is the most challenging option, yet many individuals have moved from scaled to Rx’d as they progress from year to year.

  • Age Groups - There are nine age group divisions offering Rx'd and scaled versions of the workouts for teenage athletes aged 14-17 as well as masters athletes ages 35+.

  • Adaptive - The adaptive divisions offer equally challenging workouts modified for athletes with a significant, permanent impairment. These divisions include Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Seated With Hip Function, Neuromuscular, and more.

  • Scaled - Not quite ready to tackle the workouts as written? No problem. The scaled division offers classic scaling options for many of CrossFit’s common gymnastics movements and includes lighter loading.  

  • Foundations - Just started CrossFit or maybe this is your first Open? The foundations workouts are a great place to start. 

How do I register for the Open?

  1. Step 1: Go to Games.CrossFit.com. To begin registration, click the REGISTER button. ...

  2. Step 2: Login / Create an Account. ...

  3. Step 3: Enter/Edit Your Information. ...

  4. Step 4: Complete the DocuSign waiver.

  5. Step 5: Pay the $20 registration fee.

  6. Step 6: Fill in Your Athlete Profile

  7. Show up on FRIDAY to tackle the announced workout each week!

  8. Get ready to cheer and support your Ashlar #fitfam on! :)