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Paint Strokes
Donuts & Dumbbells

Our Valentines tradition!


We pair up a fun community event with a workout and treats every Valentines day!

Paint Strokes

Family Day at the Fieldhouse

Join us on Family Day at the Saskatoon Fieldhouse!
Join our individual OR family WOD.

Kids are always adult is required to do the workout with them (or a parent/guardian). If you are not bringing kids….you will be part of the Individual WOD.

Weight vests are encouraged!

It is always a fun way to start the morning!

Paint Strokes

Every Canada day (Victoria Day/July Long) we setup our parking lot with Spartan Type obstacles! After all the FUN we BBQ after!

Canada Day Obstacle Course
& Community BBQ
Paint Strokes
August Long Diefenbaker
Hill WOD! 

The August Long (Civic holiday)...we take our community to the park and pump the music and run up a huge hill etc! Feel free to wear a weight vest and we will also make the WOD "Bike friendly" (being own bike and helmet). 

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 7.51.46 PM.png
Paint Strokes

Ages 13+
This 4 day workshop aims to empower and educate young females! Each day will consist of a weightlifting and CrossFit session, a guest speaker and one hour of yoga.
Our informational sessions include:
- Healthy eating
- Healthy Sleeping habits
- Positive mindset
- Mental Health
- Positive Body Image

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