Programs & Services

CrossFit Group Classes

Led by a certified coach, these group classes are focused on constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Every workout is different, but your experience will be the same: great coaching, demonstration and skill work and a supportive community.

CrossFit Kids/Youth

We offer dedicated CrossFit Kids classes for the following age groups:

  • Cubs 3-5yr

  • Bears 6-10yr

  • Grizzlies 10+yr

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Ashlar Legends

This class delivers the essentials of real life fitness for the older adult in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.


Just like our CrossFit classes but we do not use the Barbell. Sandbags, Sleds, Dumbells, Kettlebells, Battle ropes etc....all fair game :)

Team Training/School Visits

We love teaching and training.  We welcome school visits, train sports teams and help with team building.

Birthday Parties

We offer all the cool things! We partner up with local businesses to create a unique experience for your next birthday!